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With so many credit card processing companies available to pick from, it can be a daunting task to find the one that is the perfect fit for your business. You want to make sure you find one that will have all the features and services you are looking for. Additionally, you want to make sure you pick a company that is solid and reputable.
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Over the last few years, we've seen wearable technology advancements explode, even covering the payment ring Visa tested at the 2016 Summer Olympics. Then earlier this year, Visa showed off a prototype of payment sunglasses. While these examples show that Visa is very bullish on wearable payment technology, they're not only the major player in the payment industry trying to nail down the optimal form. Understanding the Emphasis on Wearables Why exactly are Visa and other payment providers investing so much in testing different types of wearable technology? From a long-term point of view, these companies believe that's where the majority of consumer behavior is going. But even on a short-term basis, there are several compelling reasons why companies are interested in early adopters of wearables. The small but growing number of consumers who already use wearable payment technology tend to own more devices, shop online more frequently and spend more when they shop. Given the fact that they are also less likely to carry cash, these consumers are a very appealing demographic for large payment brands. Mastercard is Betting on… Read more

Even though the end-of-year holiday season is when most businesses see their biggest spike in sales, fall can be a great lead up, bringing you more sales than you might imagine. Between the schedule changes that go along with back-to-school and the cooler weather outside, it's a season when most people are busy, but quite happy - and quite willing to spend their hard-earned money. If you want to ensure that your business is able to make the most of the next few months, we've put together a list of five actionable tips to help you out. Don't wait to get started! Fall is here and there's no better time to start making more sales. 1. Create An Automated Email Sequence We talked about automated email marketing flows earlier this year. If you haven't had the chance to set one up yet, now is the perfect time to do so. This will enable greater and more relevant communication between you and your customers, breathing life into the customer journey. Create flows for customer retention, cart abandonment, special sales initiatives, upsells… Read more

As evidenced by the EMV liability shift, major changes within the payment processing industry take time. Even simple processes, like money transfers and payments, can take days to fully process. More and more consumer products like Venmo are popping up, providing a way for consumers to instantly transfer money to each other. Still, it's standard for businesses to wait a few days for their funds to actually clear. The good news? There are several signs that the industry is moving toward shorter payment times. A Look at Same-Day ACH Payments In September of last year, new rules were implemented that made same-day ACH payments possible. These payments are common for everything from payroll to automatic bill pay, like insurance and gym membership payments. For a small processing fee, it's now possible to settle an ACH payment within two hours. So, why did the association that's responsible for these payments decide to make same-day payments a reality? In their assessment of use cases, they found several compelling reasons for both businesses and consumers, including significant demand from both groups. Consumers want these payments… Read more

In addition to credit card processing fees, procurement is another area where businesses can realize big savings. Since procurement can be such a broad topic, many businesses are unsure where to start when it comes to reducing costs. If that describes you, keep reading and you'll learn five actionable ways to get on the right track to cutting these costs. 1. Review Terms Many businesses don't know where they should start with their procurement cost reduction efforts. The first step is as simple as taking time to review the current terms you have with suppliers. Your business may be missing out on discounts or other incentives that would only require minor adjustments to your purchasing terms. 2. Find a System When you're just starting out, it's common to either do things on the fly or use a spreadsheet to manage purchasing. However, as a business grows, both of those approaches will let a lot of things fall through the cracks. If you want to reduce your costs in a meaningful way, you need all the features of a software system. There are… Read more

It wasn't that long ago when the idea of buying something online was still very novel and even quite strange to many people. Fast forward to now and the internet has become a huge hub of commerce. On the other hand, some of the biggest online brands have recognized the value of having a strong offline presence, as well. This has led to omnichannel becoming a very popular strategy for retailers of all sizes. Multi-Channel vs. Omnichannel Before digging into the tactical side of omnichannel, it's worth clarifying what sets this term apart from "multi-channel." When the term multi-channel is used, it's generally in regards to marketing. So a retailer with a multi-channel marketing strategy may utilize social media, print ads, promotional events and product packaging. Omnichannel is directly linked to sales. An omnichannel retailer may utilize their website, a brick and mortar presence, third-party online retailers and a mobile POS to sell their products. Whether your business is just starting to explore the concept of omnichannel or you want to take your existing efforts to the next level, we want to share some strategic… Read more